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غیـرُ مـجـدٍ فــی ملّـتـی واعتـقـادی
نــــوحُ بــــاكٍ ولا تــرنـــم شـــــادِ

Crying of weepers and rejoicing of singers,
Are equally useless

وشـبـیـهٌ صـــوتُ الـنـعـیّ إذا قِـــیسَ
بصـوت البشیـر فـی كــلِ نــادِ

And the harbinger of birth
Are similar, when compared

أبَــكَـت تــلــكــمُ الـحـمــامــة أم غنّــت
عـلـى فــرع غصنـهـا المـیّـادِ

Wept or cried

صـاح هـذی قبـورنـا تـمـلأ الــرُحبَ
فـأیـن القـبـور مــن عـهـد عــادِ

Where are the rest of the graves
Since the time of Ad

خـفـف الــوطء مــا أظــن أدیــم الأرض
إلا مــــن هــــذه الأجــســادِ

For I believe the soil of this earth
Is nothing but the crumbled dust of these bodies

وقـبـیــحٌ بــنـــا وإن قـــــدُم الــعـــهد
هــــــوان الآبــــــاء والأجـــــــدادِ

To desecrate our fathers and forefathers,
Although separated from us by countless ages

سر إن استطعت فی الهـواء رویـداً
لا اخـتـیـالاً عـلــى رفـــات الـعـبــادِ

Not self-conceitedly, on peoples’ mortal remains

رُب لحـدٍ قـد صــار لـحـداً مــراراً
ضـاحــكٍ مـــن تـزاحــم الأضـــدادِ

Scoffs at the crammed corpses
Of both men and women, interned therein

ودفــیـــنٍ عــلـــى بـقــایــا دفـــیـــن
فـــی طـویــل الأزمــــان والآبــــادِ

Throughout eternity; since time immemorial

فـاســأل الفـرقـدیـن عـمّــن أحــسّــا
مـــن قـبـیـلٍ وآنــســا مــــن بــــلادِ

About diversified races they witnessed;
The nations, they sleeplessly gazed at

كــــم أقــامــا عــلــى زوال نــهــار
وأنـــــارا لـمــدلــج فـــــی ســــــوادِ

And illumined travelers’ paths in the dark

تــعــبٌ كـلـهــا الـحــیــاة فــمـــا أعجـب
إلا مـن راغــبٍ فــی ازدیــادِ

Yet, I wonder why people harbor desires
For increasing their lot

هذا البیت یذكرنا بالبیت الأول من سوناتة شكسبیر الأولى:
من أجمل المخلوقات نرغب زیادة

Of Shakespeare’s first Sonnet:
From fairest creatures, we desire increase

إنّ حزناً فی ساعـة المـوت أضعـاف
ســرورٍ فــی سـاعــة الـمـیـلادِ

Is far greater than the joy felt when a newborn announced

خُــلــق الــنــاس لـلـبـقـاء فـضـلّــت
أمــــــــة یـحـسـبـونــهــم لــلــنــفـــادِ

Although some delusively think
They are doomed to extinction

إنــمــا یـنـقـلـون مــــن دار أعــمــالٍ
إلــــى دار شِــقـــوة أو رشـــــادِ

From a sphere of toil and endeavor,
Into a sphere of either misery, or enlightened guidance

ضجعـة المـوت رقـدة یستریـح الجسـم فیـهـا
والعـیـش مـثـل السـهـاد

Where the body rests
And the faculties awake

أبَـنــات الـهـدیـل أسـعــدن أو عــــد ن
قــلــیــلَ الـــعـــزاء بــالإســعــاد

Or promise the inconsolable some joy

إیـــــــه لله درّكـــــــن فــأنــتـــن اللــواتــی
تـحـســنّ حــفــظ الـــــودادِ

You know how to maintain
Devotion; abiding love

بـیـد أنّــی لا أرتـضـی مــا فعـلـتنّ
وأطـواقــكــنّ فــــــی الأجـــیـــادِ

While collars adorn your necks

فـتـسـلّـبــن واســتــعــرن جـمـیــعــاً
مــن قمـیـص الـدجـى ثـیـاب حــداد

Borrow mourning attire
From the gloom of darkness

ثــم غـــردن فـــی الـمـآتـم وانـــدبن
بشـجـوٍ مـــع الـغـوانـی الـخــراد

Join the wailing maidens and damsels
In pouring forth your plaintive orison

كل بیتٍ للهدم ماتبتنی الورقـاء
والسـیّـد الرفـیـع العـمـادِ

Will eventually come apart; lay in ruin

والفتى ظاعنٌ ویكفیه ظلُّ السـدر
ضـربَ الأطـنـاب والأوتــادِ

A shady tree will afford him comfort,
No need for pitching tents and laying foundations

بان أمر الإله واختلـف النـاسُ
فـداعٍ إلـى ضـلالٍ وهــادِ

Yet people dispute amongst themselves;
Some preach falsehood and delusion,
Others teach right guidance

والـذی حـارت البریـة فـیـه
حیـوانٌ مستحـدثٌ مـن جمـادِ

An animal fashioned of inanimate matter

واللبیبُ اللبیبُ من لیـس یغتـرُّ
بـكـونٍ مصـیـرهُ للفـسـادِ

Who is undeceived by a universe,
Whose ultimate end is corruption and decay
In my estimation and firm belief, Voices of the announcer of death Has yonder dove, perching on its swaying branch Behold, the earth is filled with our graves! Tread softly, walk gently; It is unbecoming of us, disgraceful, Walk leisurely on air, if able to; The same grave, perhaps repeatedly used, Lo, one body atop another, Inquire of the two luminaries, ask the North Star How oft they tirelessly watched the passage of days, Life is nothing but wrestle and struggle, This recalls to memory the first line The grief experienced at the hour of death, People have been created and destined for immortality, They are merely transported The slumber of death is a repose, O cooing doves, do impart gladness, May you be blessed, indeed! However, I do not approve of your cooing; First remove your ornaments, Then warble your carols in funerals; Whatever is built; either by lark or lord Man is a traveler in the desert of life, God’s truth has been revealed, And most mysterious of all creatures: The wisest of the wise is the one

[ جمعه بیست و یکم آبان ۱۳۸۹ ] [ 12:38 ] [ دکتر حبیب کشاورز ]

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